Food Wiser

Foodwisers / dog food advisers guide. There are many discussions out there on the internet and in real life about quality kibble for dogs. There are food wiser websites who give a Star* rating on these different dog foods around the world. They base their ratings on the ingredients used in the kibble. Often they give a high rate on dog kibble that has lots of fresh dry frozen meat chicken or fish protein sources that are used in them. In the first 3 or 4 place the ingredients are used, as they are listed in order of distance when it comes to % of ingredients used. Often you see a downgrading on kibble that has meat or fish or chicken being used in 2e or 3e place. Downgrading is also imminent when vegetable proteins are used and or other products that have a questionable origin simply because the manufactory has not specifically, pointed out the origin of the resources that are used.

Allot of dog foods like Orion, Acana, Timberwolf etcetera, are rated as top notch food according to the ingredients used. Yet Orion(as an example) has been developed and made in Canada where like in the USA 75% of the dogs live outside. This with the very long strong winters in Canada and upper states of USA requires a kibble for dogs with a very high % of proteins !
Yet these food wisers don’t tell or realize or simply don’t know that, when you live in Texas , California, Greece, Spain, Italy or the far east etcetera , where the average temperature is very hot and often high level of humidity. a dog needs way less protein or fat to thrive on!
Feeding these expensive high protein feeds to your dogs is like throwing out 50% worth of the cost that you paid, because the dog will NOT digest that high amount of protein.

Another large side effect of feeding a to high level of protein is that a dog gets strong but will run very hot quickly and has a lack of stamina. To digest higher levels of protein a dog needs to use and burn lots of calories as protein requires that, it’s an known fact. Which means the fat and carb content is used up to digest the burning up of the protein to turn it into an energy source. Massive amounts of water are consumed as well. High levels of protein in dog food unless specific in very cold climates is overrated! 32% is as high as man wants to feed to a very hard working dog, or a pup in growth, with a maximum of 20/22% of fat.Most 23 to 27% protein kibbles out there with 12 to 17% fat is the best standard to go for, when you have a medium working dog. We know several breeders who never feed more than 21% protein in these hot climate countries as maintenance food. This means that these dog foods have their protein ingredients at 3nd or 4rd place and also contains a small % of fat around 10/12%. These dogs do exceptional well on these feeds. The biggest yard of dogs that was fed that way used to contain 250 dogs!.

Food wisers base their knowledge on the dry food weight given to a dog and the waste that comes out of a dog . They look at the difference and say al the waist are fillers. When you look at it from that point of view they are right.
But if we create the same water to meat ratio/content by adding the same amount of water to the dry feed as the feed itself and have it soaked in then you should weight the food given and compared the waist weight. We will see up to 75/80% of digestibility! Dry food kibble only contains between 8 or 11% of water. Check myth busting section on the page.

Another thing the food wisers do not take in consideration is that, when a dog breed or family of dogs and a respective amount of bloodlines based on these families of dogs come from different geographic origins. Which means: Born bred raised in various parts of the world where not only temperatures but also ingredients of their diets are different. The different ways different breeds are purposely bred for different goals will determine the way a dog needs to be fed. And when a breed of dogs specifically a family of dogs bred by a long time breeder, who has been feeding his or her dogs for a certain way for over 40 years in a warmer climate. His or her dogs will not improve or get better on a high protein level food like the ones mentioned or any other so called high% high star* kibble.
These type of dogs will get protein poison as their systems for many generation has produced dogs that dwell very well on a what the food wiser claim is a medium joker or lower star* quality kibble!
In this case we question the guides of food wisers as they might be theoretically right in there judgment .However the real life situations differs completely in what they claim to be. Then there are Dog food/kibble companies who do keep their recipes a bit secretive If we look at Red Mills Xcell and compare it to Gain record breaker(produced by Diamond), we can see that Gain has put their complete recipe in the open!

Does this mean that Red Mills Xcell is a lesser kibble? FAR FROM it!
They are WAY UP there despite not completely revealing there recipes.
Another nonsense example why grain or carbs containing kibble is supposed to be of lesser quality can be found in this article and the right up on this site called Myth busting. 70% of the so called food allergies is plain and simple a lack of amino acids and or people do NOT soak there dry food kibble, creating the same water to food % ratio as in raw meat. Which means 1 cup of dry food 1 cup of hot water let it soak 30 min and 45 min when your feeding a higher % protein/fat condense in the kibble will cure most so called allergies. The ones that keep having a problem are genetically more sensible and should add amino acids to their food.

When you look at the so called dry kibble feeds specially made for dogs with skin disorders,(often Lamb and rice or chicken and rice) we see a lower level of Protein and a higher level of carbs being used with an added Hypo-Allergenic -‘Wheat Gluten Free ingredients. This on its own strengthen the fact that to high protein dry feeds which are not soaked in water create a protein poison and a lack of amino acids, or shows a genetic system that can NOT cope with the higher amount of protein.The brands of dog food are often given the blame, while its often a wrong choice of food and a wrong way of feeding by man that made the problem.

If we look at a wild dog like the Australian Dingo then we know he is primarily a meat eater/scavenger. His direct cousin or forefather as we should say, from the Philippines and Indonesia are primary Fruit grain rice eaters who live amongst people. Their protein source is minimal and contains insects and reptiles. Their diet contains more carbs, corns and grain then protein and fat, and they thrive on it.
In short we can say that food wisers know their stuff about individual ingredients used. However there intern output is based on no real life testing breeding and working dogs in various geographic parts of the world, and therefore they have WAY LESS MERRIT THEN PEOPLE BELIEVE. We do like to emphasize that the PET food industry like every other industry like the raw feeder companies industry is out there to make a profit.

So we do suggest you try to buy dry food kibble made specifically for working dogs from companies who specialized in them and who support and sponsor professional racing /sporting events to prove their products. These feeds / kibbles are NOT pet foods. They are made of higher quality ingredients and of higher standards food wisers or dogfood advisors would credit them…..
Often they are 30 to 50% cheaper than the 5 star high quality pet foods and are of better quality..
Hence why we sell 3 outstanding proven brands of working dog kibble.