What does Gain recommend you!


GAIN® Cat Food and Canned Dog Food provide a complete diet for adult cats and dogs and can be fed on its own or with GAIN® Dry Food. GAIN’s® meaty chunks and other quality ingredients, together with the correct amount of minerals and vitamins, helps ensure a nutritious, balanced diet for your cat/dog.

At GAIN, we believe that animals nutritional needs always come first. Our recipes include added vitamins and minerals required for optimum animal health. GAIN believes that food is the first step to a long, healthy and happy life. We constantly innovate in order to provide the most healthy, delicious nutrition for the animals that depend on us.


Your pet will have different nutritional requirements to you and your family. This is why it is a good idea to feed your pet specially designed pet food. It is less time-consuming to feed your pet something from the GAIN pet food range, as we have conducted research into all our feeds to meet all your pet’s nutritional needs. GAIN Dog foods are highly consistent and digestible and result in easily managed small dry stools and reduced levels of unpleasant dog odours.

Adding scraps to the diet can upset the dogs digestion and lead to messy unpleasant-smelling stools.
Be careful not to over feed your pet.
Dogs have a natural instinct to store food, and eat as much as possible.
The right number of calories to feed your pet can depend on breed, their activity levels, their size, their age and ambient conditions.
Please check our product descriptions to find out how much your pet should be eating a day.